Cartier jewelry making secrets

Produced from the wax to metal casting, jewelry shape stand out
Jewelry artist put stones on the wax tablets for thinking about how to make the perfect combination: what kind of color, how to compliment each other to convey the dynamic between them, each stone laying angles, and so on.
In a traditional jewel-making, finished product tends to be produced directly by the replica cartier Jewelry Division. Jewelry artist with precious metals to create basic shapes, then gets ideas from the design concepts into works.
When animal jewellery items, made with green wax model of a sculpture, sculptors can be animal or detailed subtle or powerful motion vividly demonstrated. And then again to cast out the wax model, so the contours of the jewelry and then come to the fore.

This process is very important. Jewelry artist mark of the character in it, thereby creating a unique piece of replica cartier jewelry.
Whether traditional jewelry Cartier replica animal inspirations for the series, was delivered to the jewellery Division finished carving. They are on the metal base, carved out of the hole in order to determine the overall layout of mosaic. This process is very important. Jewelry artist mark of the character in it, thereby creating a unique piece of jewelry.
Polish master picked out precious stones and carved them according to the specific requirements of raw materials. After a wonderful Polish, diamonds, rubies or sapphires really have in this moment of life; they become petals, animal coats or other kinds of design and jazz artists under the deft fingers of jewellery and fashion.
Subsequently, the superb mosaic artist with outstanding skills will gem fixing to jewels. His jewelry is whole, and gem processing each of the hole. Mosaic artist’s work also includes the production of smooth the appearance of the works, in order to appropriately highlight and enhance each facade of the jewelry. Embedded in various ways: chun, Talon, inlaid, pavĂ©, or submerged mosaic, and so on. Through these methods, the mosaic artist will construct a style, showing jewel’s best surface and create a sense of harmony. Jewel-encrusted after the Jewelry Division by means of fixed or hinged, and jewelry parts together, let the perfect sporty jewels vividly at present.
Throughout the process, polishing the finished product has been sent to the Polish Division: each part of the combo, mosaic before and the last stages of completion by the Polish Division to make jewelry last. Polish artist’s technique perfectly delicate and meticulous. This technique determines the comfort and beauty of jewelry, and mastered the techniques you will need many years of accumulated experience.


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