Wear Cartier jewelry what is the meaning of

Wear Cartier jewelry what is the meaning of

Prominent literary spots during the three kingdoms Cao Zhi, in the Luo Fu, said: “Dai Jincui jewelry, Pearl shine body” this is telling us, wear the jewelry to wear: prefix and beautify the image of man, saying that, the Buddha to gold, the tailor makes the man “dress, can make people have attitude and color. Therefore, the meaning of wearing jewelry in order to decorate the human body.
But in ancient times, people in the struggle against nature, in order to beg to survive, made some defensive role designer accessories such as iron bracelet, annulus, ring of bone, which, to protect the legs from the invasion of harmful plant thorns, as well as to damage from foreign enemies. These worn, its significance is primarily in order to protect themselves. Ba Sutuo kafeier people in the tribe of Africa, Brazil’s Indians, on their legs. One arm over his still ringing metal bracelet, when brought together labor, these bracelets will be issued a regular noise, use of such accessories, is entirely from practical point of view.

Cartier jewelry

Wear Cartier jewelry what is the meaning of
The significance of wearing jewelry, in each country and between the various ethnic groups is very different, and each period also varies. For example, in some European countries, men and women fall in love, men offering engagement rings to lovers, they see jewelry as a symbol of steadfast love. In feudal China, jewelry is used to display the position, the most obvious example is the dingzhu of the country’s civil and military officials in the Qing dynasty, as stipulated in the ritual. A scale of one to nine, a product, accessories in East bead, carrying rubies, two items, small Ruby: carrying crenelated Peng butterfly, eight products, ornamental engraved, the golden dome ornament-free, nine, ornamental embossed, the golden dome.
So, people wear jewelry with all sorts of idle. Some people because of religion, took jewelry to obtain the grace of God. Some people consider expensive jewelry as a symbol of wealth and power. Some people regard jewelry as a keepsake or souvenir, and so on, for example, not all.

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