What is jade jewelry, jewelry

What is jade jewelry, jewelry
Jewels jade jewelry is made of pearls, precious materials, such as. Jade, is in fact a kind of precious stones,
It has been carved into arts and crafts gem, so can also be referred to as jewelry. Jewelry material from two sources.
Is natural, the other is synthetic. High value natural rather than synthetic. Due to the nature of things
Rare, not artificial, and special gems like diamonds, emeralds, are required for thousands of years to form, which
Artificial synthesis have a special meaning, now a synthetic diamond, and jade, in texture, color, hardness, and on a natural match.

Jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants., hairpins, ornaments and so on, because of natural jewelry materials
However, become interesting naturally • it’s style is vivid, Pearl necklace, style, leaf shape, style, track
, Crescent-shaped, longan, cotton, water, wave-shaped, crab’s eye shape, rabbit ear, Peacock-shaped and so on.
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Jewelry making has a long history in China, song dream Liang Lu volume 12 < > chronicled in “shop green”
Is the production and sale of jade shop. Ming dynasty unearthed from dingling heritage, has also seen a grain rough up the bosky Hill.
The heyday of the Qing dynasty is the jewelry industry development, especially the dry down the 60 years of the reign, the variety of gem materials, the number
And the essence of technology • unmatched by previous, at the Palace of the work in the book, there are many records about jade, from then on jewelry and jade carving into two categories, the Yangtze River attracted many craftsmen, Su, Yang formed two gang. Sue at jewellery industry, Yang helped specializing in jade production, and character styles, each so far.
jade jewelry
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