Replica Hermes jewelry 1007 magic hidden here tourmaline

Replica Hermes jewelry 1007 magic hidden here tourmaline

Sports fans as Brazil soccer crazy, jewelry, fans, Brazil but colored stones of the Holy Land, can you imagine it, the global 70% of multicolored comes from Brazil. If you have a chance to set foot on South America, must not miss this Brazil jewelry family H.Stern build Gem Museum in Rio de Janeiro, where not only can award Brazil the most proud of colored gems and gem specimens, most of the top, creating record thousand tourmaline, Hans Stern, founder of old possession is gorgeous surprise four.
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H.Stern, founded in 1945, has been developed is Brazil’s biggest international jewelry company. From Germany Hans Stern, founder of starting from scratch, Brazil produced colored gems to the world, and was once dubbed the King of multicolored. He said: “no stone is semi precious stones, like no half-pregnant women, or half a frank man. “His favorite gem tourmaline, more crazy than you can imagine. He has collected thousands of different colors of tourmaline, only humans have not found, no he didn’t. Gems like a Stern old man’s toy, a person who loves precious stones every day looking at his collection is a happy thing!

Now the world’s most perfect tourmaline collection will be housed in H.Stern Museum of gems for tourists to enjoy. Also has many other mineral specimens and rare treasures in the Museum, people can learn more about Brazil’s precious gem resources. Show one’s baby seems to show enough passion H.Stern, jewelry studios are open for people to visit them. Here jewelry making tools and equipment, as well as artisan demonstrations. If you’ve ever been curious how jewelry is made of, this is a golden opportunity!
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Hans Stern old man life collection of tourmalines, they are his most fun toys, is his lifelong love, included tourmalines are rare and beautiful, like life-like existence, stringing his legendary treasure life.

Let us enjoy the h produced the Stern brand of tourmaline jewelry now!

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