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Cartier jewelry making secrets

Produced from the wax to metal casting, jewelry shape stand out
Jewelry artist put stones on the wax tablets for thinking about how to make the perfect combination: what kind of color, how to compliment each other to convey the dynamic between them, each stone laying angles, and so on.
In a traditional jewel-making, finished product tends to be produced directly by the replica cartier Jewelry Division. Jewelry artist with precious metals to create basic shapes, then gets ideas from the design concepts into works.
When animal jewellery items, made with green wax model of a sculpture, sculptors can be animal or detailed subtle or powerful motion vividly demonstrated. And then again to cast out the wax model, so the contours of the jewelry and then come to the fore.

This process is very important. Jewelry artist mark of the character in it, thereby creating a unique piece of replica cartier jewelry.
Whether traditional jewelry Cartier replica animal inspirations for the series, was delivered to the jewellery Division finished carving. They are on the metal base, carved out of the hole in order to determine the overall layout of mosaic. This process is very important. Jewelry artist mark of the character in it, thereby creating a unique piece of jewelry.
Polish master picked out precious stones and carved them according to the specific requirements of raw materials. After a wonderful Polish, diamonds, rubies or sapphires really have in this moment of life; they become petals, animal coats or other kinds of design and jazz artists under the deft fingers of jewellery and fashion.
Subsequently, the superb mosaic artist with outstanding skills will gem fixing to jewels. His jewelry is whole, and gem processing each of the hole. Mosaic artist’s work also includes the production of smooth the appearance of the works, in order to appropriately highlight and enhance each facade of the jewelry. Embedded in various ways: chun, Talon, inlaid, pavé, or submerged mosaic, and so on. Through these methods, the mosaic artist will construct a style, showing jewel’s best surface and create a sense of harmony. Jewel-encrusted after the Jewelry Division by means of fixed or hinged, and jewelry parts together, let the perfect sporty jewels vividly at present.
Throughout the process, polishing the finished product has been sent to the Polish Division: each part of the combo, mosaic before and the last stages of completion by the Polish Division to make jewelry last. Polish artist’s technique perfectly delicate and meticulous. This technique determines the comfort and beauty of jewelry, and mastered the techniques you will need many years of accumulated experience.


cartier love bracelet pink gold

replica cartier love bracelet
replica cartier love bracelet

Cartier Love Bracelet B6035616 pink gold

Series:Replica Cartier Love bracelet

Model: Cartier Love bracelet-010
Price: $85
Color: Pink Gold
Bracelet Size: 16CM, 17CM, 18CM, 19CM, 20CM


316L Titanium Steel and Gold-plating, 18K Pink gold bracelet. A
bracelet easy to screw on thanks to an ergonomic screwdriver. A
Cartier icon, the Love collection is both a provocative talisman
and a bold symbol of passionate love. Cartier pushout this new
version love bracelet,the screws are not come out.Prevent screws
fall out.

Cartier watches simply reflect the heart shock

Cartier crash watch launch is ripe. For the meticulous watchmaking fieldhumor and elegant style, crash watches as the name suggests, simply reflectthe soul shocked.
cartier watches
Cartier watches as the perfection of aesthetic and creativerepresentative crash AO peer watches over the next few decades, moreinspired Cartier led to many subsequent designs, such as the Cartier Libreseries began in 2002, tank crash watch baignoire crash watch will breakstyle into the classic shape, stack a new perception. Today, the crash Watchhas become the Cartier one of freedom, daring and innovative best practices
Cartier crash watch continues a twisted exaggeration of the watch designsand fluid lines, but matching metal bracelet for the first time, instead of a leather strap. By k k gold or rose gold white teardrop-shaped bracelet ofsparkling unparalleled shows urban women independent smart yet refinedpersonality. One of the more glaring on the table, the whole shop chain setsparkling diamonds, just like a Halo around the wrist, exquisite, notparties.

Recommended by Cartire’s entry level lover

Luxury Cartire is the emperor’s jewelry business, the noble luxury is an unexpected has an entry-level price, believe that they can be the best choice for our first luxury.

replica cartier bracelets

Mutual interlacing of two gold rings that represent fall in love of two people, one to represent the male white gold ring and a medal on behalf of women rose K gold ring, as its name love me as rich in meaning. This can simultaneously meet the two people of Cartire, the price is so approachable.

replica cartier watches

Les must series of two classic Tank Solo and Ronde Solo watch, summarized Cartire’s simple beauty. The digital Rome blue dial dial design elegant, quiet atmosphere, is absolutely the first big piece of watches worth having.

replica cartier rings

Entrelac e s series of works with fine chain knot stretches into, simple fine chain design jewelry manufacturing technology, redolent of lightness and grace.

replica cartier

Must Les into the small beetle, small turtles and other lovely and concise style, with precious stones to create a romantic theme. Rich colors, with suede, python card clip, Notepad also let you become the focus of attention of the fashion. A flying beetle, embedded in the body of the diamond, the symbol of luck, is also the call of rebirth.



Cartier top jewelry craft

For Cartier, the jewelry designer works with precious stones, jewels and precious metals artisans crystals collide. Within Cartier jewelry workshop brought together craftsmen from various steps of the jewelry industry, from initial design to final product, every process have condensed their wisdom and talent virtuosity.


First, draw a sketch, as a basis for making cartier jewelry. In most cases, jewelry-making around the gem – the true masters of jewelry unfolded. As the designers of the long-term, comprehensive and detailed study of the original sketch ideas will gradually become clear and specific. Then pick the color pictures in these drawing a design, as the basis for all subsequent steps: This is consistent with the physical size of the design will be a true representation of color materials, texture and density. This careful balance between shape and athletic stance, then they turned into jewelry language to ensure that all the senses can be performance was clear and complete, thoroughly.

Artwork in the design process, the workshop director, designer / model making division, setters, and the main technicians will gather on the actual production of jewelry related to all technical and aesthetic issues to be evaluated.

cartier jewelry

Replica Cartier Jewelry division will these gems placed on wax sheet, in order to think about how to be the perfect combination: what kind of color, how to communicate with each other against the background of a dynamic sense of them between each other, the placement angle of each gem ,and many more.

In the traditional gemstone production, the finished product is often made directly by the jeweler completed. Precious metal jewelry division to produce basic shapes, then get creative concept from the design is converted to work.

The production of animal models of jewelry, first make a sculpture with a green wax model, so engraver can be subtle or fine animal or majestic powerful campaign posture vividly demonstrated. Then to the metal casting out of this wax model, this way jewelry contour immediately stand out.

cartier 1

Whether traditional or inspiration for the jewelry of Cartier animal series, have been delivered to the jewelry division completed carving. They are on the metal base, carved out of the hole, to determine the overall mosaic layout. This process is essential. It will mark the jewelry division of personality in which to create a unique piece of jewelry.

Carved division selected gem materials and in accordance with the specific requirements of their carved molding. After intricate carving, diamonds, rubies or sapphires in this moment to really have a life; they become petals, coat or other kinds of animal design, and become vivid and fashion jewelry masters in the nimble fingers.

cartier 2

Subsequently, skilled gem setters fixed to the jewelry with great skill. He will first conduct an overall study of the works of jewelry and precious stone in the hole one by one for processing. Setters work also includes works produce smooth appearance, so aptly highlights and enhances each façade jewelry. Mosaic many ways: Chun inlay, Prong, pavé or submerged mosaic and so on. Through these methods, setters will build a kind of style, showing the best face of gems and create a harmonious. After completion of precious stones, jewelry division through fixed or hinged, and then combine the various parts of jewelry, jewelry make perfect dynamic vividly before.

Throughout the process, the finished product will be sent repeatedly polishers for polishing: Before each part of the combination, before and after the mosaic and the final stages of completion by the teacher to make jewelry polishing the final shape. Polishers exquisite technique perfect but meticulous. This technique determines the comfort and beauty, jewels, and experience to master such techniques require many years.

Complete this series of steps which may take several months. And it is a genuine team spirit, so proficient in this noble profession different processes, irreplaceable jewelry craftsmen sincere cooperation in production. They have their own unique way, in accordance with the order of the fine requirements for jewelry making to give his superb skills.