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Sell Cartier Watch, the more expensive the better

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jewelry 10% appreciation each year, world watch double the pricethree years, in which continued under the call, more hedging more expensiveluxury goods sell well. Industry analysts and economic experts predicted that inflation in China in the second half, the sale value luxury reserves,can effectively hedge against inflation.

cartier watches

Cartier SANTOS series
Watch 10% annual appreciation
First Cartier fine jewelry store last month stationed in Wuhan, Cartier saidJian Yawen, East, Cartier jewelry in Wuhan during the trial, sales haveexceeded expectations 30%, with 30.4 million worth of jewellery and watchesare selling best.
Under the financial crisis, why Cartier jewelry trend?It is reported thatin addition to these big international attraction in itself, a valuefunction is also more and more consumers look for luxury goods.
It is understood that the series of Cartier SANTOS watch, sold 243,000before last April, after the April rise to 255,000.

Cartier watches 2015 masters technology

Over the yearsReplica Cartier Watches by continually testing new technology, restoringforgotten craft, exploring the process of containing thousands of possiblelimits and other means, fully committed to innovative practice. To desire topromote creativity, was born as translucent hollow enamel micro-finepainting, straw, monochrome enamel mosaic, and the latest metal beads andjade sculpture on enlightening the craftsmanship.
replica cartier watches
By master craft watches, Cartier color into areas of aesthetic emotion.Watchmakers bold exploration in the rich tonal gradations, to create avibrant and deep subtle watch masterpiece. They are not only highly skilledand wealthy poet, with patient and painstaking work is rare and deploymentof processes to achieve a rich color, show full of artistic atmosphere.Their talent to make fantastic animal shapes appear vividly in the MastersSeries processes above, and under specific lighting conditions makes it outas the Sun or moon-like glow.
replica cartier watches 2
Carver, enamel artist, fine mosaic artist, sculptor and craftsman uniquematerials and perfect combination of color, clever use of mother-of-Pearlglaze layer, straw golden color, transparent enamel and agate light,creating a vivid three-dimensional effect, showing rich color contrast,depicting vivid images.
replica cartier watches 3
Translucent hollow enamel decorative small fish watch
This watch, the challenge is to bring the viewer feeling like the sea clearand blue, and Cartier‘s successful use of hollow enamel and iridescenttranslucent tones reminiscent of beautiful sea corals. One, two or three in the baby in the baby five in darker shades of blue on the bottom and grayand purple flourish. Hollow enamel Dial as vivid as a stainedglass Windowsand attractive. Suspended in translucent enamel as elegant and refined as apencil lines in a thin metal wire, as if to play with light and shadow.Cartier enamel artist using extremely sophisticated technology stack coloredmother of Pearl rare, reflected by a smart little fish eye low, its richorange and image design for the entire dial creating a fantastic feeling.This round watch like a porthole, looking as if through it to the deep ocean.
replica cartier watches 4
Santos enamel decorative carved Falcon watch
Replica Cartier Santos through the enamel carved oversized watch, show the predatorswith a dreamy atmosphere of sharp features and nuanced dark grey and darkblue color gradient portrayed Falcon‘s body. Sculptors carved of solid andhollow shape icing of the wings, feather and down to show the contrast. Fromthe gently curved beak to slightly rounded Orange enamel eyes, all detailsare carefully painted, black matte mineral clearly against the background.Falcons pupil of vivid, watchful and penetrating.
Solid micro-painted horse decorative enamel watches
Andalusian horse proud mane shining rays of the Moon, is Cartier paintedmonochrome enamel micro-watch show miracles. Enamel artist evolved a variety of Midnight Blue shadows and light gradients, horse agility and flexibility,as if intoxicated the night spectre. Monochrome enamel micro-painted an oldenamel production technology, which uses shades of black, white and graynamed similar to the fine painting completed by the sculptor, and in thiswatch, Cartier grey turned blue. As in painting, seablue background colouris white, and set off. Master coat covered in a layer of bright blue enameldial, and placed in roasting in the oven, and then use a Limoges enamelwhite step by step drawing out patterns, this step also requires six toeight different roasting process. Making enamel painting of this watch costalmost 40 hours. Enamel process master can do so through the white gradienthighlight shadows and contrasts, pondering the changes of light, creatingpatterned icing.
Straw fine mosaic male lion decoration watches
In this straw fine inlaid watches, Cartier used straw this kind of specialmaterial to show male lion posture. The warmth of straw color and silkysheen to show male lion mane, the subtle gradations of color, making itshine. Superior gloss straw was ever split, and then use the rollers flattenand cut with a fine wood carving saws, finally arranged side by side, into adesign. Natural straw has six different ranging from golden yellow to redbrown hue, through techniques of perspective and creative cut and drawn theMajesty and dignity of the male lion pattern. Although straw is awatchmaking rare material, but because of their delicate texture and aunique toughness in bold by Cartier two years ago, to create a variety ofwatch masterpiece.
Natural agate embossed crocodile trim watch
This blue gradient natural agate embossed wrist watch, Cartier jade isembossed on this delicate process applied to a bold attempt of thewatchmaking art. Sparkling blue seas, spray flower agate embossed crocodilesurfaced. Cartier on the most representative one of the predators in theAnimal Kingdomunique interpretations the crocodile, created vivid icingand bursting out with moon-like glow. This particular master specialtechnology has given jade show various subtle shades of white from dark blueto Rainbow, without damage to the stone itself. The dreamy atmosphere offloating Tourbillon watches carrying complex functional movements andengraved quality mark in Geneva, called the miracle of Arts and watchmaking.
Cartier has many classic styles, you can focus on Replica Cartier Love Bracelets,Replica Cartier Love Rings,Replica Cartier blue balloon and so on.

Pasha de Cartier 42mm high jewellery watches

World leader in the watch Cartier, writing creative passions, proudly captureessence of design, subtle pass technology, portrait of Pasha de Cartier 42mm high jewellery watches is served. This watch to retrieve precious materialsin the world, in the wrist seals to perform a variety of styles, for menelite add grace and decent comeliness qualities.

Pasha de Cartier 42mm

Poet romantic master craftsmanship and jewelry, Cartier and reintroducecheetahs Haute Joaillerie watches with a picture of. This new works of artthe essence of creative fusion of traditional watchmaking and jewellery.Black Onyx and diamond patchwork arrangement, serene Majesty of the cheetahsin a fresh and vivid on the dial, two bright eyes more tourmaline decorationis the show‘s infatuated with the fascinate. Cheetah pattern round Pashaadvanced jewellery watches, leisurely presents elegant and Regal, numeroussplendid diamonds more this spirit added dash of elegance and calm. Inaddition, have a special understanding of the transparent case back cover,place the watch movements give a full account of the internal mechanicalstructure, watch lovers heart beating with excitement with the gearrotation.


Cartier Tortue Watch celestial carbon Crystal

Cartier Tortue celestial carbon Crystal Watch 9460MC movement, the movement made Tortue watch by carbon Crystal bridge and the escapement lever and escape wheel and escapement axis is based on tungsten carbide material. Through the selection of improved operational efficiency, escapement parts without tuning and without lubrication can be achieved.

Cartier Tortue Watch

Cartier began in 2007, ID1 and ID2 concept table published in succession, pioneering new horizons of the watch-making industry, first to use niobium-titanium alloy, as the escape, glass-ceramics (Zerodur) spring, the ADLC class escapement drilled carbon-carbon coating, ceramic … … Attempting to pursue without adjusting, do not use Lube next generation watches. Thiscelestial Tourbillon carbon Crystal Watch, is the celestial Tourbillon will be released in 2010, and the result of combining results of ID1 and ID2.

Cartier Tortue Watch 1

This celestial Tortue carbon Crystal Watch, it is the most attractive objects Tourbillon mechanism! Axis in Tourbillon mechanism to bypass the line, run up quite interesting. Tourbillon of the basic structure has not changed, simply added a new gear and Rod, Tortue in the frame around the axis line.

Cartier Tortue Watch 2

Table is a table of special plan was divided into two levels. Top is theminute hand and hour hand, the lower is the Tourbillon. This configurationis quite reasonable. One round per minute speed, let the stars Tourbillonframework can be used as second hand. Is very simple, but is very difficult.Tourbillon itself is in the rotation, and full set of mechanisms in anotherbypass. Stability, weight, speed and even structure of tolerance, which istesting the technology.

Cartier Tortue Watch 3

watches mount 9460 MC hand wound movement depends on structural mechanism and 9541 MC should have similar (both are the same objects Tourbillon), however, 9460 MC is a new product concept combines two tables, so the main difference is in the selection. 9460MC hand-wound movement, made Tourbillon watch by carbon Crystal bridge, the escapement lever and escape wheel and escapement axis is based on tungsten carbide material. Through the selection of improved operational efficiency, escapement parts without tuning and without lubrication can be achieved.

Cartier Tortue Watch 4

Ion etching (DRIE) escapement parts made of carbon ceramic technology,research from ID2. Because of the production of precision, so the density of the part itself fits, tolerances within 0.0001mm. Therefore in operation canmake the best use of energy.


Crystal transparent carbon material visual effect is very good. But thematerial not only for good, but looking at the material is antimagnetic,high hardness, and quality advantages of light. These qualities forescapement that require continuing operation of the structure itself, arevery welcome benefit.


In addition, with tungsten carbide manufactured the escapement axis, alsothe hardness of tungsten carbide. Cartier beyond this and then coated with alayer of smooth coating, that friction is reduced to a minimum.
Made of niobium-titanium alloy casing, is a study from ID 1, is anotherhigh-tech products. Wikipedia says: niobium is a silver-gray, rare, textureis soft and malleable metal, its oxide of niobium pentoxideand similar toaluminum oxide and zinc oxide, to protect metal from corrosion. Niobium can be added in stainless steel, stainless steel in high temperature that cannot be easily broken. Niobium-titanium alloy conductor material is often used for superconducting magnets. What is not important? Why the focus is onCartier to select it.
The simple reason, again to this material is antimagnetic, anti, antiscratch, shock-proof feature is quite powerful. And have better skin, lesslikely to cause allergic reactions of metal. Moreover, the quality of thismaterial is light, so it was heavenlyTourbillon is a 47mm hunk of carbonCrystal watches, but overall is very light weight, more comfortable to wear.
Celestial Tourbillon carbon Crystal wristwatch watch specifications:
47mm niobium-titanium alloy case/us time, celestial Tourbillon mechanismon/9460MC handwound movement, 50 hours power reserve during Sapphire Crystalmirror, transparent caseback logistics/water resistant to 30 meters.