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The 15 reason for expensive watches

Familiar with the market in the table where many watches, already out of the old man or machine expert strange character of the traditional image towards the trend of development, more fashionable choice from Sharapova, Woods as the image of endorsement, TAG Heuer tiger to Demi Moore wearing count debut, watches fully with the most fashionable and stylish characters the event together. Some of the luxury brand Dior, Chanel, Louis Weedon also tried to join the camp. This famous brand not only attract more fashion rich have joined, and brought more changes in fashion watches, from the shape, color and ordinary people to understand the complex function, watches are being integrated into the modern fashion life. From these famous brands, people will know the watch of the “new” might not be making cheap products.
2 reasons to ask, easy game.
Perhaps because the tourbillon, perpetual calendar has let people see more strange, all these years to ring watch, from the relatively simple alarm clock, to the extreme complexity of the three questions and even music strike are very popular, and the price is so many fans can only follow it. Such as Breguet three improved ask table Classique 5447 ring characteristics with the calendar year, the coordination between the two specially modified resonance sound spring, such as punctuality, 1/4 hours and minutes ringing sound more pure, more harmonious. In addition to hammer percussion power Breguet doubled, will support sound spring into watch case, such a special clear tone.
Reason 3 times table, because “history” and more value
Engraved in the modern market environment is a very delicate word, it may be the classic signature from the ashes, there may be a street vendor selling cheap fakes. Of course, the famous cultural famous watch fans enthusiastically engraved table, is clearly out of personal understanding of the history of the development of a watch, the watch was engraved, often means a people still talked about the glorious past.
Not Patek Philippe’s glorious history and in the modern watchmaking industry remains stable leading position to own too exaggerated those classical atmosphere full of products is a complex carved, but familiar with the history of the development of the watch can still see many familiar shadow from similar to this Calatrava classic series, such as almost 5296 it is engraved on the century 30’s signature Ref96. And the world this year is also a high profile of a high profile of their own history of the 6 classic products, so that the complex carved table greatly over the addiction.
Reason 4 valuable expensive material
Unconsciously, the trend of the simple low-key, a high profile of the jewelry table. In a new round of the wave of luxury, more harmony, combine the trend of jewelry and watches the natural allies now. This was originally to make the count movement started in 8, but the factory technical school 90 years later, in the transition to become a watch and jewelry field two luxury brand development, and therefore the other watch industry peers must be different, gold, platinum and other precious metal materials and Fritillaria watch disk, Leather Watchband, and diamond is to achieve the perfect collocation. The MontBlanc women’s moon diamond gold since ancient times, the life cycle of a symbol of the moon and the stars, is the first time the ancient measurement. The star of this dress moon diamond watch dial a Star Diamond coincides with the automatic movement, moon phase display form a moon map, a symbol of life and growth in nature. The rim of the dial is set with 80 diamonds in the form of a circle of dazzling sparkling rings.
Reason 5 dive table, from professional to fashion
Until the last century 90’s, the diving table is still a sense of ethnic group, the full choice, only for professional use. Today, the situation has greatly changed, diving table has become popular all over the world are either from Paris or Hongkong, everyone on the wrist is a famous heavy diving table, even if a slender wrist oriental lady are large in size or Panerai million such originally purely “sports men” watch the loyal fans. As the diving enthusiasts facing FIFTY FATHOMS, Blancpain Wanguo Aquatimer, OMEGA, Diagono and Bvlgari in the famous Rolex SUBMARINER and other professional diving table, a little hard to say. Wearing these luxury watch go scuba diving or play deep-sea fish fork should be fun.