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cartier watches About watches Tuning

A lifetime does not require adjustment of watch, clock and watch industry as a whole is a problem. The Cartier innovation research and development team,a 5year period, a fundamental solution to the problem, whether it is amovement or a subsequent stage of Assembly, adjust this process will becomehistory.


Mechanical watch needs adjusting, in one sense, is subject to heritagematerials and lack of precision parts, wristwatches and assembled in theAssembly must be adjusted. Also, because parts of the volume adjusted not only uncertainty but also very complex. Mechanical adjustment of the time,often consumes more than half of the mechanical movement Assembly time.
Cartier‘s new bold in innovation from the semiconductor industry learn fromthe manufacturing process in order to produce precise to meet therequirements of the Micron parts. Cartier shaped carbon ceramic material(Carbon Crystal) manufacture of balance, lightweight and hard, can providestable oscillation frequency. Cartier also try to use glassceramics (z érodur@) this new material spring, with only traditional metal spring one-fourth of weight, micro-Crystal spring ensures that even if the watch is invertical position, effectively keeping the center of gravity, and defygravity. Redesign of the escapement lever and escape wheel, likewise withmaterial from the original carbon Crystal, escape shafts to titanium metal.Because it is extremely precise, Ruby not only eliminates the escapement lever pawl, goes on to avoid future adjustments for these tiny accessories.Meanwhile, in the design of new materials based on the spring, both ends can be fully seated in the escape shaft and the escapement lever, so that theeffective length of the Hairspring and the balance fit together, its ultrahigh accuracy far superior to the Observatory watches.

Cartier watches simply reflect the heart shock

Cartier crash watch launch is ripe. For the meticulous watchmaking fieldhumor and elegant style, crash watches as the name suggests, simply reflectthe soul shocked.
cartier watches
Cartier watches as the perfection of aesthetic and creativerepresentative crash AO peer watches over the next few decades, moreinspired Cartier led to many subsequent designs, such as the Cartier Libreseries began in 2002, tank crash watch baignoire crash watch will breakstyle into the classic shape, stack a new perception. Today, the crash Watchhas become the Cartier one of freedom, daring and innovative best practices
Cartier crash watch continues a twisted exaggeration of the watch designsand fluid lines, but matching metal bracelet for the first time, instead of a leather strap. By k k gold or rose gold white teardrop-shaped bracelet ofsparkling unparalleled shows urban women independent smart yet refinedpersonality. One of the more glaring on the table, the whole shop chain setsparkling diamonds, just like a Halo around the wrist, exquisite, notparties.

Timeless treasures Cartier

Antiques Biennial September 15 began in Paris Grand Palais exudes a unique charm. This year is the 25th anniversary of the creation of the exhibition, the new master Xiaierwei, Aaron (Hervé Aaron) and bent to do a strong competitor Maastricht European art exhibition is not the same show, so aspirations in the world Fair title. He put the number of exhibitors from the last session of the 94 cut to 87, including 13 for the first time to join us: eight from France, another five from abroad. Various exhibitors have more exhibit space. Surgeon DECORAL design company, the 25th Paris Biennale antique look like a real jewelry box, understated elegance. Entrance hall secluded hide dumb by 25 alcoves full of roses guidelines, will flow toward the Grand Palace in the central hall. A wide circulation of a radial approaches to guide people to the eight square visitors. Throughout the show very luxurious, operating eighteenth-century Paris, the furniture of the big exhibitors Kraemer give everything, in accordance with the Oval Office to the booth, showing a variety of top French marquetry, gilt and enamel craft, including one about as in 1720 the gilded wooden table legs carved with Europe on the Asian and African continents fable. Regulars at the Biennale, the Paris dealer François in the heat of a fine display panels, there have been “four continent” this eighteenth-century popular themes, they are placed in this Biennale He hopes. “US buyers have recovered it,” he said in the heat. “Depreciation of the euro is also a big help.”
Twentieth century design work this year on the eighteenth century French furniture challenged. “This is a response to the market,” Aaron explains. There is an indication that times are changing: Traders designed for modern art, old masters more than doubled. The former includes the dealer’s first exhibit in New York and Los Angeles, L & M Arts, they launched a variable pavilion Alexander Calder’s a “red knife Star” (1943).
However, aspects of the Renaissance and Baroque influence did not receive it shares modernist trend, remains strong. Including a pair of late seventeenth century enamel, gold-plated Trapani coral carving and bronze mirrors, and about one in 1650 spots for rock capped bottle, the latter for 1782 Louis XVI bought at auction two treasures belonging to the Paris dealer Palin Gallery and Anne-Marie Alonzo Mourning.
However, the most noteworthy is the diversity of the Biennale. Exhibition of treasures including the Geneva and New York traders “Phoenix Ancient Art” in a 3-2 century BC Greek bronze statue of Alexander the Great on horseback, as well as Paris and Tel Aviv gallery Le Minotaure launched a Kiev Artists Exhibition – “Italian Yiddish cultural renaissance. ” There are also some top traders operating non-Western art, including Paris tribal art expert Bernard – Dulong, they come up with a never exhibited in the sixteenth century Cuban hounds. A Tang Dynasty glazed ceramic Feijianama Paris Asian art dealer Christian Daidi Ye’s top exhibits. Similarly dentistry from Paris – Barriere is exhibited a Greek Buddhist Bodhisattva Deva King Sechi beige ceramic head.
As this year show that the Warhol silkscreen prints and Renaissance-style paintings combining painting and furniture design, jewelry design industry, nor with repeated travel between contemporary design and classic décor, show a species almost lost techniques. Van Cleel & Arpels, Louis Vultton, Chanel for the first time to participate in the Biennale, and Cartier, Harry Winston and Piaget together to build a very luxurious dream world.
Chanel Chanel exhibit focuses released in 1932 “Bijoux de Diamants” diamond jewelry series where the original “Comete” comet brooch, as well as “Comete” comet, “Fontataine” Fountain, “Franges” tassel necklace engraved version of the work. To celebrate the first time participating in the exhibition, Chanel also specially designed a new diamond works such as “Elément Céleste” Necklace “Mandala” bracelet. Piaget also attended the same first French antique Biennale and exhibited 60 works, showing the brand’s creativity with artistic talent, 60 senior jewelry creations inspired Piaget this show comes from haute couture clothing. Thus, couture workshop also become the ideal venue Earl furnishings devices. Cartier fine jewelry design director Jacqueline Karachi (Jacaueline Karachi) for this Biennale set up by a six interior designers team, sharing completed within two years 60 incoming unique design, as well as 11 treasures. Cartier in this series, you can also get a glimpse of some reference to the theme of a French garden water fountains, and animal theme: studded with diamond-shaped pectoral black, wings blend of exhibition in a series of asymmetrical opal and diamond necklace …… by means of jewelry sculptor Philip Nicholas (Pjillippe Nicolas) of hands, Cartier beloved “Leopard” theme show in petrified wood made of fine article. Into Van Cleef & ArDels exhibition, like being in the temple site or a Treasure room. On the ceiling, an octopus lurking in Fellini movie-like attitude extends to the “Underwater World.” If we say that Van Cleef & Arpels for its flower-shaped design and well-known theme, overwhelmed ode dedicated to marine undoubtedly create a diamond algae, an opportunity such as sapphire jewelry whale so forms: as a second invitation to dream.
Louis Vuitton advanced jewelry design began to take form diamond pattern, as Louis Vuitton’s style, travel always dominates creation, such travel can be associated with a place, a certain kind of experience or a dance linked . The exhibition area, a different set design corresponding to different series. In the “treasure box” series, jewelry are on display in a miniature Louis Vuitton suitcase, opened the small box showing the shiny, vivid patterns gem: clouds, planes, sails …… curlicue pattern of diamonds is the most favored gems, they are embedded in each stone, like a little star ……
In addition, the French National Association of carefully selected antique Biennale to represent the blueprint for the future of the dealer. 25 shows a piece of art dealers in the designated area separate Grand Palace terrace or a combination of art show. They were invited to participate in the members of the Committee and the Chairman of the French National Association of shareholders Biennale committee elections. “Biennial Era step” in a unique angle to show the audience the direction Biennial crossed 25 years ahead of the possible. Provided by the French and foreign distributors in 25 artworks were selected (23 from France, one from Hungary, one from Spain): This 25 works of art will be on display to commemorate the 25th Biennale Day tribute.

Introduce a Replica Cartier love bracelets

replica cartier love bracelets

The name:Cartier Love Bracelet B6035416 white gold

Series:Cartier Love bracelets Replica
Model: Cartier Love bracelet-005
Price: $85
Color: White Gold
Bracelet Size: 16CM, 17CM, 18CM, 19CM, 20CM

316L Titanium Steel and Gold-plating, 18K white gold bracelet. A bracelet easy to screw on thanks to an ergonomic screwdriver. A Cartier icon, the Love collection is both a provocative talisman and a bold symbol of passionate love.

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Cartier history legend

The century-old legend
Shenzhen mixc Cartier boutique Grand opening
Dazzling Guanghua
Yao city
January 13, 2010 in Shenzhen, Chinathe Emperor‘s Jewelers, jeweler‘sEmperor leader in the world of jewellery and Watches Cartier, ushered inthe biggest boutiquein Shenzhen mixc boutique Grand opening. This carriesthe Cartier more than 160 years of glorious history and culture Palace ofcoppercolored, vibrant new year begins, a renowned luxury landmark mixc andadded beautiful vibrant charm of Shenzhen nightlife.
New opening of Vientiane City boutique shop optional according to has Shenzhen most top of large Fashion Mall–CR Vientiane City II period, Shenzhen CR Center is located in Shenzhen at Lo Wu financial business center district, is set retail, and catering, and entertainment, and Office, and hotel, and live, many function Yu one of mass, and integrated, and modern, and high quality of logo sex “city integrated body”, total area over 550,000 square meters, total investment about 6 billion yuan. Cartier with 512square meters of total area of Hua Yao city, luxury and excellence in storedesign, inherited from the Cartier blue blood boutique evaded, originating from France the perfect technology and meticulous service, Cartier not onlyto convey the perfect interpretation of the classical heritage, even after years of accumulation of aesthetic and artistic aura of life preacheduniversal.
France famous designer bulunuo·Mo Nader (Brun0 Moinard) copper colorconcept design essence and luxury stores static suspension dome crystalornaments, simple and elegant brown leather sofa, soft noble beige silkcarpets are vividly neoclassical art charm to show. Into shop in the, Premiere eye is Cartier originality of jewelry show district: or gel dew static stay in Crystal of copper color show cabinet in the, or elegant flutter Yu hidden set of wall cabinet within, a pieces gorgeous of jewelry works distributed with unparalleled of King breath; another side of married ring salon in the, a star star dazzling of diamond shine with moving of gloss, Wing chung with told eternal of happiness poetry. Walking forward,watch sections combines the immortal masterpieces of craftsmanship andforward design, as if to take you through time, precise technique andromantic history of Cartier, and unique accessories, accessories for men and women of the novel, beautiful fashion into the infinite pursuit oflifestyle. In a copper-colored mixture of fantastic light, traditional andmodern, classic and innovative fine burst of harmony.
Grand opening day, VIP and media gathered here, and booksellers. Temperamentand refined models wearing dark legendary Cartier Haute Joaillerie fly out,VIP has served a feast to the art of jewelry. Cartier‘s far East ChiefExecutive Mr Lu Huiquan, China Jian Yawen, Chief Executive, and came fromthe famous movie star Kelly Lin, Zhang common cards industry in ShenzhenCity boutique opening ceremony, together with the VIP witness another momentof Cartier‘s 20 years in China.
It is learnt that, in order to celebrate the Grand opening of Shenzhen mixcCartier boutiques, the cardinal flew from France Paris Air the highjewellery collection worth more than 200 million, January 26 until 31st atthe in-store show mountain. Rare precious Gemstones in the world as amaterial, and Cartier‘s exquisite mosaics and extraordinary creativity,which was born in Paris, Cartier fine jewelry workshop‘s beauty will letcustomers splendid views of the city.
Cartier classic
As the world‘s top jewelry and watches the Giants, Cartier has been acollection of classic, innovative and outstanding technology in one perfectexample. After Cartier more than 160-year history, its exquisitemasterpieces, in an important moment in history has left a deep imprint,performing the world development trend of jewellery and watches. At present,Cartier has covered the field of art jewelry, watches, leather goods,glasses, pens, lighters, exquisite scarves and all kinds of accessories.Each unique works of art, tell the legend of the time.
Tank series watch
In 1917, the jewellery, watch master luyi·kadiya (Louis Cartier) fromFrance, Renault tanks draw inspiration, created the first tank watch, andgave the United States Commander in Europe expedition Pu Cheng (John JosephPershing) generals, to praise an American troops during World War I helpedFrance feat. In 1919, the tank watch once came, fame because of itsdistinctive square structure, also opened a new era for square watches.
Meanwhile, tank watch simple shape gives it extraordinary temperament,without any to show off ingredients deeply fascinating, elegant beauty.Since its founding nearly a century of life in the Cartier Tank Watch withintrinsic changes in the shape of sublimation, above trend‘s immortalclassic.
Ballon Bleu de Cartier watches
In 1783, France King Louis 16 oohs, a pattern of embroidery with goldbluehot-air balloon rises, this is the first vehicle mengtegefeier hot air balloon. More than 200 years later, the global fashion world was stunned towitness the Cartier watches Ballon Bleu de Cartier blue balloon series was born.
Debut at the 2007 Geneva Watch fair, Ballon Bleu de Cartier that impress.Break through the traditional large sapphire, convex circular, outer edge of precious metal guard, arch-shaped Sapphire Crystal mirror, streamlined three-dimensional case, front and back are rounded arch, suspension wrist wear like … … Ballor Bleu de Cartier between classical designs withfuturistic style, was described as alternative, innovative.
LEVE series
Ershishijiliu、qishiniandai, love and peace theme in the widely read in the world. Cartier to make people regain their faith in love and commitment,was designed in 1969 to express their love and loyalty to each otherbracelets. It became the birthplace of the 70 ‘s symbol of love forever.
This unique screw design bracelet can only be opened by a couple with aspecial screwdriver, mean the eternity of love. Its design concept with loveas the theme, the wrist bracelet to the lovers, love lock with ascrewdriver, no screwdriver, bracelet cannot be opened: wearing thisaccessory, like two hearts together forever. Its most significant feature isrequired by the couple both work to wear, image interpretation of the mutual trust, love and loyalty.

Queen’s jewels – and Cartier collections

On July 31, 1830, France, Paris. Luyi·Feili Pu accompanied by Lafayette,holding the flag appeared on the balcony of the Royal Palace in Paris. Aweek later, France House called Ponte luyi·Feili ascended the throne,France established a financial asset class rule July dynasty.
In the 1830 of the 19th century France the bourgeois revolution andoverthrew the Bourbon, conservatives finally give way to the wave ofliberalism. France noble power passed without the pursuit of extravagantlife affect their other hand, the rising bourgeoisie came to power, andwealth are showing unprecedented enthusiasm, they pledged their victory flagis gold, jewelry. Tells us of politics, political economy, in the context ofsuch a society, at the time whether it is a continuation of the old classicluxury style jewelers, still stands for fashion new brands have sprung theidea of flourishing. France seemed to make people feel is a just after therevolution the baptism of emerging countries.
Time soon came in 1847, luyi·fulangsuowa Cartier opened jewelry shops tohis name, the name Cartier opened a Centennial of legendary course.
The saying goes, good wine needs no Bush, but Cartier is indeed smartjewelers, he knew lots of importance of product sales. In 1852, Cartier willmove to smaller farms in the vicinity of the Palace of Orleans Street, 5th,for which it became Royal Jeweler has created opportunities.
One day, comes a mystery guest in the shop, she ordered a vintage shell cameo necklace, necklace, this design was soon shown to the presence of theRoyal family. The mystery guest was Countess wuweikeerke, and he is thehusband of Napoleon III‘s Royal Art Director. Later Royal snowflakes oforders into the little-known shops, of which Napoleon I‘s niece PrincessMathilde (Princess Mathilde) became Cartier‘s biggest fan. She is only oneperson in a short span of three years, they have ordered 55 pieces ofjewelry from Cartier. Secret don’t tell a woman in her referral, wife ofNapoleon III, Empress Eugenie was conquered by Cartier to design innovativeproducts quickly. Cartier closely connected with the Royal family.
Famous figures in the history of moving to see Cartier, that she wouldbecome the confidant of the latter. His mother had to give his son a goodeducation environment, at all three of its home and Cartier for the brand tohave a better visibility, and the relocated several times. In the 1860 of the 19th century, large-scale urban planning in Paris, Italy Boulevardbecame one of the city‘s most bustling commercial Street. So Cartier torelocate again at this point, brings all the elite of high society came toParis at the time. To the year 1899, Cartier will move to Paris peace Street, 13th. Subsequently, other Jewelers and numerous fashion boutiqueshave entered this elegant neighborhood, it gradually became Paris, and evenfine jewelry in the World Trade Center and the Holy land.
Starting in 1890, Cartier has gradually formed its own unique style, and inlater years always walk in the forefront of fashion, becoming a veritablefashion trendsetter. By 1890, in the years ahead more than 100 years, by the middle of the 18th century, after Watt‘s improved steam engine, a series oftechnological revolution contributed to the transformation of manual laborto machine great leap. Then the industrial revolution spread across thecontinent. It looks and the jewelry industry totally unrelated events, hasprofoundly affected the culture and art throughout Europe at that time.Industrial railway connects European cities begin, Bud in Paris HauteCouture. Meanwhile, soft flowers, vines, lace, Ribbon and other rich curveshape, became the new favorite for jewelry aesthetics, a born naturalistCartier, gentle grace Garland era opened.
By the beginning of the 20th century, covered with clouds of war over inEurope, the European Community also quickly into the modern industrial era,Cartier‘s third generation of luyi·kadiya new feature design, in line withmodern life style into jewelry design. The leading trend of aestheticsfounders began pouring ingenuity on abstract geometry, and in 1904 to createa diamond diamond and Ruby brooch. Similar styles of jewelry designfollowed, including a 1906 introduced brooch, Sapphire and diamond beauty.Representatives of these modern art and design style of the original, wouldbecome known as the Art Deco, and during the 1920-1939 years, become asource of inspiration for innovative design.
Enter in the thirties or forties of the 20th century, the global financialcrisis has made jewelry design Cartier style change: by publicizing theresplendent colors turn to differentlycut diamond set out a variety ofgeometric shapes, made of Platinum, diamond and rock crystal white art decostyle jewelry return to the classic style. Cartier have been born out inthe color or texture of deliberate confrontation on fruit jar style andmany other classic jewelry styles, always acts as a fashion leader.
Legend brand doomed and legendary characters intersect, two legends in thehistory of women with tales of Cartier has been praised. A lady is Fiona Toussaint, another is the history of the Duke of Windsor Mrs Simpson, Edwardgave up the throne for her.
Du sang who took over in 1933, Fiona Cartier Haute Joaillerie DepartmentDirector, under the auspices of her Cartier images of animals shine in the 1940 of the 20th century. In 1948, Cartier‘s first stereo Leopard-shapedbrooch was born, this proudly standing, eyes fierce Cheetah became Cartier‘sin years to come, spokesperson. Another Simpson, who has a love affairwith Cartier more legendary. She and the Duke of Windsor to write a live action version of the love jiangshanaimeiren the classic story, Cartier asa Royal Jeweler was able to witness to this love. In 1936, the Duke ofWindsor to a Cartier ring jewelry gifts to the Duchess of Windsor, thislegendary love of two people. Subsequently Cartier jewellery, SapphireCheetah brooch women became the legendary favorites. Cartier jewelry hasbecome their token, shining light jewelry bear witness to this great love.
This time around, glitz, Cartier today still write about jewelry fashion new chapter, because in their view they do not jewelry, but art.