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What are Hermes jewelry-making materials

What are Hermes jewelry-making materials
Jewelry materials can be divided into two broad categories. Are the jewellery, the traditional use of Platinum, gold, silver, jewelry, quality natural materials such as jade. Jewelry made of such material. Others call it true jewelry. Another is some cheap, poor quality of natural materials. Or some synthetic materials. Jewelry made of such material. Some call it fake jewelry (or imitation gold jewellery).
In fact, as long as the decorative significance, with a certain technological characteristics and meet certain specifications. Are jewelry.
Jewelry industry at home and abroad now, usually jewelry by material part three. A high-end jewelry. It is made from expensive precious stones and materials of the genus: one is the mid-range jewelry, it is made of precious metal and gem materials of some quality time; there is also a low quality jewelry, it is the lowest. Synthesis of high quality materials and synthetic gems, or of inferior quality are made of natural materials.

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What is k-gold

K gold. Gold jewelry of a variety of materials. Gold “k” is a foreign language “Karat” the abbreviation for the term. Full representation is as follows: Karatgold (k-gold), k-gold and the other sense, it is measured in units of k gold, similar to the content of gold in China called “(for example, 12K is equivalent to 50% gold content). The use of “k” method to measure gold has been internationally recognized by the jewelry sector. China exported jewelry, are using this method of measurement. But in domestic jewelry, not exactly true.
K gold account is: 24K pure gold (100% alloy), 1k’s alloy is about 4.166%. However, the theoretical calculation method is that, in some products, some of the data is slightly up and down. 14K gold. According to the above method. Gold is 58. About 33%, but in fact, gold is 58. About 5%.
Use “k” to the method for calculating the gold content, from the Eastern Mediterranean coast of a carob tree. Carob reddish flowers. Bear 15 cm long pods, beans ren Dan Brown. Can be made. This kind of tree regardless of where the long. But the bean kernels are exactly the same size, so, in ancient times, people take it as gravimetric standards. Personal analyticsover time. It became a unit of weight used to measure precious. Small items. At that time included most of the diamond and gold are also using this unit, that is. Ko-roT。 Until 1914. Provisions now karoT standards internationally.