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What is Cartier Jewelry

What is jewelry
Jewelry is one of the oldest decorative arts and crafts. The original jewelry, dating back to the stone age humans. The mountain. decorations of human bones and gravelis an illustration. Chinese Jewelry have recorded the Hou Han Shu. Journal of clothing says “later Saints … … Animals and birds are the Crown angle, Shun, then a Crownsprouts mushrooms, jewelry , added: Qin Xiong princes, jiaqiwu jewelry as Jiang, ina high or low from these records, we can see that. Decoration on jewelry was the finger. And a position as a gesture. Of course, with the development of history. A change in content of the jewelry, today we are referring to the jewelry can be worn on ahuman body with a long, dress up role. Can also be used as crafts for exhibit viewing, jewelry is a collection of decorative and practical of decorative arts and crafts.
Cartier Jewelry
Replica Cartier Jewelry
Today‘s jewelry shops. Styles. Broken down by material: precious metal jewelry, imitation gold jewelry jewelry jade jewelry: broken down by purpose: ornaments, jewelry, fashion jewelry, wedding jewelry: broken down by object are: men’s jewelry, women’s jewelry, and so on. From jewelry of specific varieties for: has ring, and earrings, and necklace, and bracelet, and hanging pieces, and PIN, and led clip, and sleeve button, and Hairpin, and between Bell, and earrings, and anklets, and plug needle, and Cap spent, and the some cannot named of headdress, and hand ornaments, and sent ornaments, and arm ornaments, and leg ornaments ‘ nasal ornaments ‘ chest ornaments, and waist ornaments, and daily decorations (as gold pen, and lighter, and gold table) and so on.
From all over the world, due to the various regions and ethnic customs, history andbiography of seam is not round, forming various characteristics of jewelry, such as the North American jewelry, Western jewelry, jewelry in Eastern Europe, Arab jewelry,Japan jewellery jewelry, Hong Kong and Macao, Italy jewelry and so on.
In today’s society, using jewelry is good way to beautify life, rich taste. The future, with the improvement of people‘s living standard, people will pay more attention to the aesthetic sense. Craft accessories of jewelry will become to so many people.