Herodium Illustration

Herodium Illustration

View looking east at the Herodium complex.  The volcanic-like upper palace/fort/tomb area is clearly visible just right (south) of the center of the image.  In the lower left (north) portion of the image the large pool and pagoda are clearly visible.  Around the pool is a garden and around it are various structures—many of which have been excavated including a Roman Bath and various apartments.

At the lower left (north) of the volcanic-like portion of the Herodium note the parade ground that may have been used in conjunction with the burial of Herod as well as the viewing stand above it.

Beyond the Herodium (to the east) the Dead/Salt Sea is visible and on the far side of it are the hills of Moab.

For a map and a brief description of the Herodium Click Here.

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