Circular Structure in Forum

Circular Structure in Forum

Looking north northeast at the center of the Forum. On the left (west) side of the image is the remnant of a circular structure, 45 ft. [13.5 m.] in diameter, which may have been a temple to the patron deity of merchants — Hermes. Its 16 marble pillars probably supported a domed roof.

The standing columns, on the right (east) side of the image, are part of the covered colonnade and numerous shops surrounded the forum.

A forum was an open space used for public meetings. In Greek it was called an "Agora." This one at Perge dates to the Byzantine Period – about the fourth century A.D. It is a square forum measuring 245 ft. [75 m.] on each side.

During his travels, Paul probably worked as a tent maker in or near the agora/forum of the city he was visiting. In addition it may also, at times, have been a place where Paul witnessed concerning his faith.

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