Geshur East Gate

Geshur East Gate

View looking west into the entrance of the east gate of et–Tell.  Note the basalt paving stones and the two upright standing stones one on each side of the gate.  On the right (north) side are three steps that led up to a “high place” (= worship center?).

The gate is actually a four chamber gate, with two chambers on each side.  It is massive 60 ft. [18 m] long and the roadway is 13 ft. [4 m.] wide and it is well–preserved.

For a view of the stela and high place on the right (north) side of the gate Click Here.

The photo was taken from the large plaza that is just outside of the inner gate pictured here

For a brief description of the significance of et–Tell (Geshur? Bethsaida?) and a map Click Here.

Image from the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible, p. 141. To view/use additional images from the Atlas Click Here.