Tomb of Germani

Tomb of Germani

View of the entrance to the tomb of Quintus Publicus Germanus and his relative Aulus Germanus Rufus.  This data is known from the Greek inscription on the lintel above the door (download max image to view).  This tomb is located to the east of the acropolis of Gadara.

The tomb façade is composed of finely carved basalt.  The heavy basalt doors still swing on their hinges!  Note the decoration on the doors—the “knobbys” and the inlaid panels.  

Above the door is what appears to be a plain lintel, but if you enlarge (download max) the image you will see that this lintel bears a Greek inscription. To the right and left of this lintel note the Ionic capitals on top of pilasters.

Above the first lintel is a second that is decorated with triglyphs and metopes.  These are filled with a wreath and knot, and spiral and star–shaped patterns—imitating Greek temple designs!

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