Treasury Upper Storey

Treasury Upper Storey

A detailed view of the Upper Storey of the Khazneh.

On the upper story is a round "tholos" that is crowned with a solid Urn.  The local population at times mistakenly thought that the urn was hollow and contained a treasury (thus the name Khazneh, Arabic of "treasury') and tried to break it open by shooting at it.  The slightly defaced figure in the center of the pediment is thought to be the Nabatean goddess al-'Uzza, here represented as Aphrodite.

The tholos stands in the middle of a "broken" triangular pediment—something that is also found elsewhere at Petra.

On the left and right protruding panels are two dancing girls (defaced).

On the left and right of the carved monument are square "footholds."  Scholars believe that the monument was carved from top to bottom.

Below the Upper Storey the (complete) triangular pediment is visible—see Here for a picture and description.