Qasr al-Bint Main Doorway

Qasr al-Bint Main Doorway

View from the upper floor of one of the side rooms of the Qasa looking north at the massive doorway that led from outside into the cult area.

The doorway is  20 feet wide and 55 feet high!  Note the still-preserved arch over the entrance!

Outside, just beyond the stub of a column a corner of the altar is visible.

Possibly cult activities may have taken place in these upper spaces.

Qasr al-Bint (the "Palace of Pharaoh's Daughter") is located in the Petra basin at the west end of the Colonnaded Street on the south side of the Wadi Musa.  It faces north.  It was constructed during the reign of Aretas IV (r. 9 B.C.-A.D. 40; 2 Corinthians 11:32) and refurbished after Trajan annexed Nabataea into a Roman Province in A.D. 106.

It is debated what deity was worshiped there.  The majority say that it was Dushara — the chief deity of the Nabataean pantheon because the large altar to the north of Qasr al-Bint was dedicated to him. Al-'Uzza (Aphrodite) may have been worshipped there as well.