Theater 2

Theater 2

View from the west looking east southeast at the excavated area of the Roman Theater at Tiberias.  The stage area is left of the center, the semi-circular orchestra in the center of the image, and to the right (south) of the orchestra the outline of the cavea, with a staircase and some seats, is visible.

The orchestra is about 60 ft. [18 m.] in diameter and the theater could seat about 7,000 people.  It faces to the north, so the sun was not in the eyes of the theatergoers.

The theater was first constructed by Herod Antipas (4 BC-AD 39) and was used for hundreds of years before eventually being covered by houses.  Evidently, Herod Antipas wanted his newly constructed city (AD 18-22) to include Greco- Roman facilities - in contrast to the lack thereof in his first capital at Sepphoris.

According to the excavators, Herod Antipas (4 BC - AD 39) built this theater when the city of Tiberias was constructed (AD 18-22).

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