Israelite Silo

Israelite Silo

View looking down into the huge grain silo that was found on the south side of Megiddo.  See number 3 on the labeled model of the city.  It has been dated to the days of the powerful Israelite king Jeroboam II (793–753 B.C.).

Note the staircase that leads down into the silo — descending from upper center to lower right.  There is a similar staircase on the opposite side of the silo that reaches the lower portion of the silo in the lower left portion of the image — evidently workers would descend one side and ascend the other.

The silo is 36 ft. [11 m.] in diameter and 23 ft. [7 m.] deep.  It has been calculated that it could hold 588 cubic yards [450 cubic meters] of grain.  William Holladay has estimated that its contents could feed 300–350 horses for 130–150 days!

On the other hand it may have held supplies for the inhabitants of Megiddo — it is located just in front of the southern palace (#4 on the model).

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Image courtesy or Reinhold Buxbaum.