Solomonic Gate 1a

Solomonic Gate 1a

View looking southeast at the six chambered gate that is located on the north edge of Megiddo.  This gate is depicted on the model of Megiddo and is labeled “1a.”  This view shows only the foundations of the east side of the gate.  Note, from left to right, the first chamber was cleared of debris, the second chamber is still filled with rubble and supports a later – four-chambered gate above it (still partially preserved), and then, on the right center of the image the third, and inner most of the chambers is visible.

There was a corresponding set of piers and chambers on the right side of the image, but these were excavated away by the University of Chicago.  This picture was taken from outside the city and one would pass from left to right to enter the city.  Please see “1a” on the labeled model.

The dating of the gate is disputed, the excavators said it was Solomonic (970-931 B.C.) while others have suggested a date to the days of Ahab (874-753 B.C.).  This author prefers the Solomonic date.

Similar gates, also Solomonic, were found at Hazor and at Gezer (1 Kings 9:15).

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