Sacred Area Temple (Labeled)

Sacred Area Temple (Labeled)

View of one of the three Early Bronze Age temples at Megiddo. Note on the left a portion of the circular altar is visible [#6]. The four walls of the temple are # 4, 7, 8, and 9. Doorway, #5, is on the broad wall of the temple and as one entered one faced the raised altar (1) in the front. A flight of stairs (2) led up to the altar. Columns that supported the roof were placed on the large flat stones (3a and 3b). There actually was a courtyard to the north [right] of the temple – which is to the right of # 4 and 5.

The sandbags indicate areas of recent excavations as the University of Tel Aviv attempts to clarify the dating of this and nearby structures. They roughly date to the first centuries of the third millennium B.C.

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