Binding of Isaac

Binding of Isaac

The second panel is divided in half.  On the left (south) half two servants of Abraham are visible, standing on the Mountains of Moriah and tethering a donkey.  See Genesis 22 for the complete text of the event.

Although the right-hand panel is badly damaged, it depicts the moment when Abraham is about to "sacrifice" his son Isaac.  Note, just right of center, two pairs of shoes.  Abraham and Isaac removed their shoes to stand in the presence of God.  In the broken portion of this panel, still preserved, is the blade of an upraised knife—that Abraham willing to use to kill his son.

The Greek inscription in the left panel, above the two servants, reads "Be remembered for good Boethos (son) of Aemilius with his children. He made this panel.  A blessing upon them. Amen." (Weiss, p. 53).

In the panel above it, are images from the Zodiac and celestial sun disk!

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