Fresco Nature Scene

Fresco Nature Scene

A wall fragment/painting from the Royal Box of the theater at the Herodium.  "In this painting the artist depicts a sea view along with a bull, trees, a temple, a palm tree, and a boat, recalling sacred scenes from the time of Augustus while also alluding to the conquest of Egypt.

On the other hand, could this possibly be a "harbor scene?"  Namely, the port, Sebastia, of Herod's signature city, Caesarea?

"The walls of the Royal Room were decorated with wall paintings in the secco technique [painting on dry plaster] and stuccowork.  They were divided vertically by stuccowork pilasters and decorated with painted 'hanging pictures' that were suspended by imaginary 'strings' and 'nails.'  The pictures imitate windows with open shutters affording views of imaginary landscapes."

From the descriptions of the paintings in the Israel Museum.

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