Herodium from northeast

Herodium from northeast

View from the northeast looking southwest toward the "volcanic-shaped" site of the Herodium that is located 7.5 miles [12. km.] south of Jerusalem.

The Herodium served as a palace/fortress for Herod (Josephus Wars. 1.21.10 [419-421] and Ant. 15.9.4 [323-325]).

Note on the left (east) side of the image the truncated flat hill.  Herod cut down this hill and used the stones in the construction of his palace/forteress!

Originally the Herodium was probably two - or more - stories higher. Josephus speaks of 200 white marble steps that led up to the top. According to Josephus, Herod the Great was buried here in 4 B.C. (Wars. 1.33.9 [670-673], Ant. 17.8.3 [196-199]).

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