el-Kas & Dome of Rock

el-Kas & Dome of Rock

Dome of the Rock View from the south looking north with the el-Kas fountain in the foreground.

The Dome of the Rock was completed about A.D. 691 by the Moslem Umayyad Dynasty which was headquartered in Damascus.  It was intended to portray the glories of Islam and to divert pilgrim traffic to Jerusalem - from Mecca and Medina.

Many believe that the Holy of Holies of both Solomon's and later Herod's Temple was located on top of the raised bedrock - which is now covered by the Dome.

The el-Kas fountain (surrounded by the green fencing) is connected to one of the largest of the 49 cisterns on the Temple Mount area. Moslem worshipers wash themselves here prior to their prayers. The raised platforms to the right and left of the el-Kas are outdoor prayer areas used by the Moslems.

The stairs beyond the el-Kas lead up to a large raised platform on top of which the Dome of the Rock stands. Note the four arched arcade at the top of the stairs.

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