Interior Ceiling

Interior Ceiling

View looking up at the intricate designs on the ceiling, columns, pillars, and dome of the interior of the Dome of the Rock

The patterns of the mosaics include stylize vegetation, and jewellery.  Many of the mosaic cubes are actually gold set at various angles to enhance the beauty of the scene.

The stone has many events associated with it in Jewish, Muslim, and Christian traditions:  The binding of Isaac, the place of the Holy of Holies in the Solomonic and Herodian Temples; maybe a Roman Temple, the place from which Muhammad made his night journey to the "Distant Place," a Church Altar, etc.

The Dome of the Rock was completed about A.D. 691 by the Muslim Umayyad Dynasty which was headquartered in Damascus.  The Dome structure was intended to portray the glories of Islam and to divert pilgrim traffic to Jerusalem - from Mecca and Medina.

The photo is courtesy of David Padfield (  The commentary is that of Carl Rasmussen.