Madaba Map

Madaba Map

View of Jerusalem on the Madaba map. This mosaic map is located on the floor of a Greek Orthodox church in Madaba Jordan — a city located 12.5 mi. east of the north end of the Dead Sea.

The Jerusalem portion of the map is one of the best preserved sections. Jerusalem is represented by the large oval which fills the picture. We view the city from above, looking from west to east. North is to the left, and south is to the right.

The gate on the left (north) side of the image is where the present day Damascus Gate is located. Note the main street which runs south (from left to right) from the Damascus Gate. This street, called the Cardo, is lined on both sides by white columns.

In the center of the picture, upside down from our perspective, is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Four or five steps lead up from the Cardo to the three east doors of the church (the doors are yellow). The red roof (indicating ecclesiastical structures on the map) is gabled, and the yellow dome of the rotunda that was over the Tomb of Christ is clearly visible. The red triangular–shaped roof to the right (south) of the church covers the bell tower.

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