Herod's Palace Overview 1


A view looking northeast and down on to the model of King Herod's Palace that was located just to the south of the modern Jaffa Gate.

This view shows the complete scope of the Palace, including the Three Towers to the north—on the left side of the picture. In the complex there were two identical palatial structures that were at the north and south ends of a central courtyard/garden—all of these are clearly visible.

Pilate, the Roman Governor, before whom Jesus appeared twice and was condemned to death, would have been staying at this palace when he came to Jerusalem for the Jewish festivals such as Passover.  King Herod of course had died some 30+ years earlier.

In this regard, note the gate in the far wall of the complex that leads to a large, attached, courtyard on the east.  It would have been in a courtyard like this that Jesus would have appeared twice before Pilate and where he was condemned to death.