A plan of the Iron Age remains excavated by Eilat Mazar in the southeastern corner of the "Southern Wall Excavations."  All of the black areas represent visible remains that have been found.  The red areas are hypothetical reconstructions.

Eilat Mazar has excavated and preserved some large structures that were explored/excavated by Charles Warren, Kathleen Kenyon, and Professor Benjamin Mazar.

In her interpretation of the finds she believes that an outer gate (to the left of the "Large Tower") led into a courtyard, that stood on the top of the Large Tower, and from there one turned left (west) and proceeded through the "Gatehouse" (the southern side of which has been excavated).  Note that in her reconstruction of the Gatehouse there are two rooms on the left (south) side and two (theoretical) on the right (north) side.

To the north of the Gatehouse Eilat Mazar found the "Royal Structure" that contained 12 large storage jars.

Note the black line around the "Large Tower."  The exterior of this tower was examined by the tunneling of Charles Warren back in the 1867.  Kathleen Kenyon discovered the wall on the right (north) side of the "Extra Tower."  Mazar re-excavated the junction of that wall and the Royal Structure as well as a portion of the Straight Wall that heads north.

There are Second Temple, Byzantine, and Umayyad remains in the area, but I will focus on the Iron Age remains.