Lion's Gate (St. Stephen's Gate)


 View looking from east to west at the opening of the the Lion's Gate.  This gate is the only open gate on the east side of the Old City of Jerusalem.

It has had a number of names throughout it's history.  It is sometimes called the "Lions Gate" due to the heraldic emblems which were placed on each side of the gate by its builder, Suleiman the Magnificent.  It is also call "St. Stephen's Gate" for some Christian traditions place the martyrdom of Stephen (Acts 7:54-60) as having taken place near here - although earlier traditions would place this event north of the Old City of Jerusalem.

It is also called "St. Mary's Gate" due to its proximity to a pool close by and to the tomb of Mary located below it - to the east - in the Kidron Valley.

During the British Mandate, the "L-shape" of the gate was changed to facilitate motor vehicles entering into the Old City.

To view its name and position on the sixth century Mosaic Map from Madaba Click Here.