Tomb of Pharaoh’s Daughter 1

Tomb of Pharaoh’s Daughter 1

 View looking east, down from the City of David, on to the so-called "Tomb of Pharaoh’s Daughter." This 8th century was hewn out of living rock and left as a freestanding monument. It is the squarish, flat roofed structure with a dark (enlarged) rectangular door. It is located just above a stone arch.

Note how the living rock was carved away from the right, left, and rear sides of the tomb. Its first investigator, Nahman Avigad suggested that originally it had a pyramid-shaped roof – and there actually are some meager remains of this.

Possibly because of this pyramid-shaped roof it was associated with the daughter of Pharaoh that king Solomon married (1 Kings 9:16) – but stylistically the tomb is later than the days of Solomon.

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