New Testament Pool of Siloam 3

New Testament Pool of Siloam 3

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View looking down and west at the series of steps that led down into the Pool of Siloam.

In the lower right (north) side of the image a flight of three steps descends to a broader stone platform that runs through the center of the image.  Then on the left (south) of the image three additional steps descend into the shadows where the bottom of the pool as located.

Details are visible by enlarging the image.

The pool may be associated with the “Pool of Siloam” mentioned in John 9:7—to which Jesus sent a blind man to wash a mud mixture from his eyes.

John Seligman and Eli Shukrun who were checking the area prior to a public works project in the area discovered the pool in the summer of 2004.

This image (October 2004) is courtesy of Ken Dawes.