Interior of Tomb

Interior of Tomb

View from inside looking north northwest. On the left (west) side of the image is the entrance of the tomb — barely visible is a rounded portion of the rolling stone.

On the far wall three, of the six, kokhim (loculi) are visible. Each kokh is 5.5 ft. [1.75 m] long. Each would have held one body. On the right side of the image two of the sealing stones are visible.

Notice that the walls are made of hewn stone, which line the interior of the tomb, and also the carved cornice located about 6.5 ft. [2 m.] above the floor.

Barely visible on the right side of the image is the entrance to the *second interior room of the tomb.

To view a variety of kokhim, enter "kokh" into the "Search Window" above right.

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