Site of Tabernacle A2

Site of Tabernacle A2

View looking north at the site where some researchers believe the Tabernacle was located (see the Kaufman article below).

Researchers have divided this area into Sections A, B, and C.  In the center of the image, where the black and white shade coverings are located is Section A.  It measures 180 ft. x 78 ft. (55 m. x 24 m.) and this is where some researchers believe the tabernacle actually stood.

To the right of it, right of the blue "out house" and where the road is located is Section B.  Some believe that this area formed an additional courtyard for the tabernacle.  To the left (west) of Section A is Section C.

Only Section A is currently (July 2012) under excavation.

You may want to see the following article for important details: Kaufman, Asher S. “Fixing the Site of the Tabernacle at Shiloh.”Biblical Archaeology Review 14, no. 6 (November/December, 1988): 46-52.