Israelite House (1)

Israelite House (1)

View looking west at several of the houses that abutted up against the casemate wall. In the foreground of the image is the circular street that ran around the site of Beersheba. Between the street and the casemate wall is where the houses were located. The casemate wall is the mud brick structure that runs across the center of the image from left to right.

The buildings were built of sun dried mud bricks that were placed upon a foundation of unhewn stones. Note the row of four columns located in the center of the image. Each of these was made up of a number of individual stones and supported the roof of the house. These houses were a bit different than a typical Israelite house. These had a room parallel to the street, two units (open courtyard and covered area) perpendicular to the parallel room, and then finally another parallel room that in fact formed part of the casemate wall.

It is estimated that there were about 75 such houses here at Beersheba, which implies that about 400 people lived here within the walls of the site.

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This image courtesy of Jerry Hawkes.