View looking at the main entrance to the Sacellum of the Augustales that opens on to the main street of Herculaneum.

This is a large space with a central nave and two side aisles. Note the two square pedestals attached to the two columns.  On them stood statues of prominent priests that served the imperial cult (=Augustales).  Note especially that above the columns the original charred wood is visible!

The walls of this structure were covered with marble, a bit of which has been reconstructed right of the door.

Professor Tuck (see below) suggests that this room was renovated shortly after the death of Vespasian in A.D. 79, early in the reign of Titus—which implies that the room was soon buried by the pyroclastic flow from Vesuvius—ca. 24 August 79.

Tuck, Steven L.  "Worshipping the Emperors at Herculaneum," Lecture 21 in Pompeii: Daily Life in an Ancient Roman City.  Produced by the Great Courses/The Teaching Company, Course No. 3742, 2010.