EC Pillar

EC Pillar

View looking down on to one of the central pillars in Enclosure "C."   Note the fine carving and the unusual animal portrayed in bas-relief on the wide side of the pillar. 

The work that went into the quarrying the pillars, shaping them, carving out the bas-relief, transporting them, and setting them up (some weighing 16 tons [15 mt.])!!).  Remember this is the Neolithic period (9,500 B.C.) when only flint tools were available!!!

The stones in the rings are connected by low stone walls and face towards the center of the circle.  The two central pillars are mounted in shallow grooves that were cut into the floor/base.

Prof. Schmidt believes that the T-shaped pillars are stylized human beings.

I would have loved to have seen what "goodies" are being are protected by the wooden case behind this pillar.

Enclosure C is surrounded by the visitors' walkway.  It was discovered in 1998.