Carp Pool 2

Carp Pool 2

Another view looking west at the largest of three pools which contain carp which are sacred to the Moslems. The people standing on the left (south) bank of the pool are feeding the carp — note the ripples on the surface of the water on the left side of the pool.

The local legend is that when the local king Nimrod tried to kill Abraham by burning him, the flames became water and the burning logs became carp. Thus the carp are considered to be "sacred." The local tradition is that if anyone eats the carp, they will go blind.

For a view of the feeding of the carp Click Here.

On the right (north) side of the image is the facade of an 18th century mosque called the Rizvaniye Camii. At the far (west) end of the pool are the buildings associated with a 17th century mosque called the Abdurrahman Camii. The distinctive square minaret, left of center, is from an older 12th century mosque.

Note: the hill in the distance is not the "citadel" described above.

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