Inscription Detail

Inscription Detail

Note the second, smaller, menorah, on a tripod and a shofar and a lulav in this upper portion of the larger plaque.

The excavators believe that a similar, partially preserved, plaque was placed next to this one, and on this mate, this inscription is completed.

The excavators suggested translation of the combination of both plaques follows — [Bracket] = estimated missing text and underlined portions are from the second plaque/panel (pictured in the article noted below, p. 363).

'Offering of Makedonios, son of Roman[os], and his [Makedonios'] wife

Prokle and their parents Romanos and Theodote.

(May there be) pea[ce] onto all Israel! Amen! Shalom.'  [Çevik, p. 346]

The excavator believes that the synagogue was located in the upper floor of this building and that the inscriptions/plaques fell from that floor to where they were found (commentary/data from the museum in Antalya).

Nevzat Çevik, Özgü Çomezoglu, Hüseyin Sami Öztürk, and Inci Türkoglu, "A Unique Discovery in Lycia: The Ancient Synagogue at Andriake, Port of Myra."  Adalya XIII (2010), 335–66.

For a brief description of Andriace and a map Click Here.

This image was photographed in the Museum in Antalya (under their photographic parameters).