Warrior (Pericles Figurine)

Warrior (Pericles Figurine)

Unidentified small bronze statue (ca. 5 in. [12 cm.] high) from Pergamum. Note the archaic type helmet and the Greek hoplite’s spear. The image on the chest seems to be a "Gorgon," maybe a Medusa, to ward off evil/disaster. However, the skirt and the toga look Roman. Could this be a Hadrianic, second century A.D., "archaizing" figurine?

In some ways, the style and tilt of the helmet, the beard, and (Hellenistic) hoplite’s spear, reminds one of images of Pericles.

On the other hand, I have seen images of Mars (Greek Ares), the god of war, that look very similar to this small statue!

If you can help use identify or interpret this statue please send us an Email with your ideas.

This artifact is on display in the museum at Bergama (the modern city by Pergamum).