Temple of Athena Temenos

Temple of Athena Temenos

View from the east looking west at the large courtyard associated with the Temple of Athena. In the foreground (east) and on the right (north) notice the double row of columns. These columns (Doric) supported the roof of the porticos that surrounded the courtyard on three sides (north, east, and south).

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In the distance, the tower, just above the center of the image, marks the spot where the remains of the theater descend along the western slope (Click Here to view the theater and tower). The remnants of the foundation (crepidoma) of the Temple of Athena are visible just below and on this side of the tower.

To the right (north) of this courtyard is the area where the world-famous library of Pergamum (over 200,000 volumes at its peak) was located. Actually, the word "parchment" comes from the name Pergamum, for it was here that the use of animal skins replaced the use of papyrus on a large scale.

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