God-Fearer Inscription

God-Fearer Inscription

View of a Greek inscription that can be translated "the place of the Jews who are also God–worshipers." This inscription is located on the fifth row of seats on the east side of the theater. It seems to mark "reserved seating" for Jews and possibly related "God–worshipers" (see below). There are other "reserved seat" markings in this, and other, theaters.

The inscription reads, from left to right:

τόπoς Ειουδέων τῶν καὶ Θεοσεβίον

 But some have suggested that whom ever wrote the inscription may have inverted the "τῶν καὶ." If this is the case, then the inscription could refer to two groups of people, Jews and Gentile God–worshipers. Compare the same categories found in the book of Acts, although not quite the same terminology (Acts 13:16, 26, 43; 17:4, 17).

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