Basilica Latrine

Basilica Latrine

View looking down at the remnants of a small latrine that is located in the northwest corner of the Basilica Church.  In the lower right portion of the picture,  notice the remnant of a pipe that probably brought water to the latrine.  On the far side of the image, notice the deep trench.  Stone slabs were placed over this, at about knee height, and the waste fell into the trench and washed away by water into the drainage system under the street to the west of the Basilica.  Evidently, there was seating for two in this small latrine.

For other examples of latrines see for example the one at Sardis or the one at Philippi—or type "latrine" into the Search Window for more examples.

The stones on the left side of the image are part of a foundation for a staircase that led up to a second floor.

This church is located in the northeast section of the city.  According to a sign at the site (= excavator's view?), it was built

during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine (d. AD 337).  It was destroyed by an earthquake during the reign of Focas (r. AD 602-610).