Theater (Interior)

Theater (Interior)

View of the interior of the theater of Ephesus. The theater is located on the west side of Mt. Pion and faces west. It could seat 24,000 people.

The substructure of the stage area is visible on the left while the semi-circular seating is visible in the center and right side of the image.

Slightly above the center of the image note how the seating extends slightly beyond a perfect semi-circle. This type of design is characteristic of theaters constructed in the Hellenistic period. However, Claudius and Trajan (Roman Emperors) made significant alterations during their reigns (A.D. 41-54 and 98-117), and thus it was under renovation when Paul was lived in Ephesus on his Third Journey.

The riot of the silversmiths and other Ephesians described in Acts (19:28-41) - when they shouted: "Great is Artemis of the Ephesians" for about two hours (19:34) - took place here. There is no evidence that Paul was presented to the mob, nor that he ever actually preached in the Theater.  For an example of a riot in a theater/amphitheater see Here!

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