Sergius Paulus Inscription

Sergius Paulus Inscription

An inscription displayed in the courtyard of the Yalvac museum. Clearly visible is the whole of "Paulli" and portions of "Sergii."

The family of Sergii Paulli had large estates in the vicinity of Pisidian Antioch. Please note, that on Paul's first journey, on the island of Cyprus, the proconsul, Sergius Paulus (Acts 13:7–12) was converted to Christianity. It may have been that at that time Sergius Paulus requested Paul to travel to Pisidian Antioch to speak to other members of his extended family that resided there — maybe even giving him a letter of introduction. This, and other inscriptions, strongly hint at the possibility of this type of connection — indeed, even providing a reason as to why Paul traveled to this city.

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