A view of a statue of the Roman Emperor Caracalla (r. 198–217 CE) was found near the Nymphaeum at Perga. This is the only complete statue of Caracalla that exists today!

On his head is a Corona Civica (wreath made of oak branches) that has never appeared on any known statues of Caracalla.  On his lower right, a small male Parthian man is represented—he was killed fighting the Parthians in 217 CE!.  Caracalla was assassinated during his campaign to Parthia!  In his left hand, the remains (handle) of a Roman sword is visible (gladius).

Caracalla is famous for granting Roman citizenship to nearly all freemen in the Roman Empire.

This is one of many larger–than–life–size statues that were found both in and in front of the pool.  Originally these statues would have decorated the pool.

Because this statue of Caracalla (188–217 CE) was found at the Nymphaeum, it is called the "Caracalla Nymphaeum."  This statue is now (October 2021) on display in the Archaeological Museum of the Istanbul Airport.