Theater Seating 1

Theater Seating 1

View looking from the orchestra area toward the seating. The seating area is divided into two parts by a "belt" (diazoma) running horizontally in the center of the image from one edge of the image to the other.

In the lower portion of the seating area, note the two lines of stairs that divided the seating into "wedges" (cunei). In the area above the belt, note how the number of available stair paths increases.

At the top of the seating area is a vaulted arcade (partially restored). It is estimated that the theater could seat 15,000 people although in recent years about 40,000 have been squeezed into the theater for certain events!

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This theater is one of the best preserved from the Roman world. The architect Zeno the son of Theodore built it during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 161–180).

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