Priestís Throne

Priestís Throne

View of the “throne” of the priest of Dionysos Eleutherios.  Note the carved arms and the lion’s-paw feet of the chair.

By clicking and looking at a large version of this image the following are clearly visible.  On the back of the chair are carved two satyrs that support a hanging bunch of grapes (Dionysus was the god of wine, theater, and merriment!). 

The dark brown area is standing rain water that filled the depression of the actual seat.  On the front edge of the seat there is a Greek inscription that reads “of the priest of Dionysos Eleutherios” – arguably the most important seat in the theater.

Two kneeling male figures, in Persian dress, grasping griffins, are carved into the panel below the inscription.

On both sides of the “priest’s throne” are seats which also bear Greek inscriptions.