Areopagus/Mars Hill 2

Areopagus/Mars Hill 2

View looking north at the base of the "Areopagus.

In Acts 17:16–34, Paul stood before the council of the Areopagus to describe the “philosophy” that he was teaching – this was the major “sermon” recorded by the writer of Acts on Paul’s second journey (17:22–31).

In Paul’s day, the council of the Areopagus had evidently reconstituted itself and served as the governing body of Athens.  Although throughout its history it met in a variety of locations, there is in fact some evidence that it may have met at this place. 

“Areopagus” means “the hill of Ares” (Latin “Mars”).  “Ares” (Latin “Mars”) was the Greek god of war and a lover of Aphrodite.  It is said that he had to stand trial for murder in Athens on the hill that is named after him!

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