Council House

Council House

View looking down and south at the monumental building at the northwest corner of the forum.  This has been variously called the "West Temple" and the "Curia."  In fact, it was probably the place where the magistrates of the city met.

It is the large rectangular building just below the center of the image.

Paul and Silas appeared before these magistrates who, because Philippi was a Roman Colony settled by veterans, would have been high-ranking military men—or descendants of them.  In the NT (Acts 16 they are called στρατηγὸς (= captain, commander, chief magistrate).

When Paul visited Philippi on his second missionary journey he was "dragged" before the magistrates of the city in/near the market place (= the forum). It is probable that his confrontations (both before and after his imprisonment) with the magistrates took place here (Acts 16:19–22 and 35–40).

This may have also been a place where the Imperial Cult was situated as well.