Theseus Mosaic

Theseus Mosaic

View of the central portion of the main mosaic of the Proconsul’s Residence that is called the “House of Theseus.”

Theseus is the central figure in the mosaic with the raised club.  He is slaying the “Minotaur” (half bull half human being that inhabited the Labryrinth of Knossos (on Crete)—thus making him eligible to marry the daughter of the king of Knossos, Ariadne.

The Greek inscriptions clearly identify Ariadne in the upper left portion of the image, Crete in the upper right, “Labyrinth” in the lower left, and the name of “Minotaur” in the lower right (the Minotaur portion of the mosaic was destroyed in antiquity and Theseus in the center.

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